Samstag, 20. Januar 2018

[linked] In Heaven 20.01.2018


back with that link party again on this web blog.
This sunrise was actually made in December 2012. Such a long time. At this time I never thought about to leave Fürth or even Germany for live in another country. And now, in 2018, I am already nearly 3 years in Lisbon/Portugal. And I still like it. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But that's what we have all to struggle with.

I usually wanted to talk about other things. But, think, with that photo in the back, it's not a good thing. But I also do not want to think about my situation here. Waiting for the information, if my contract will be renewed or not.

Now, I will leave you for today, with that nice sunrise and hope you all enjoy the weekend. Hope that those where have to much water will get a break from the rain and those where have to less water will get the needed rain.

See you next time.


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