Freitag, 3. Februar 2017

High 5 for Friday 2/1 2017

Hey, hello!

How was your previous week? If you follow my blog for a longer while you know, that I join the weekly activity "high 5 for Friday" which is created by "Pünktchen und Victoria".

Every week we write down 5 points we are happy to had during the week. And to be honest, it isn't that easy to do as it sounds at the beginning... Most time I first remember the bad things happened the last days, and that for sure we do not want to remember at all, right?

Let's start for this week.

  1. I was able the first time to had money on my bank account at the end of the month to save the money on a saving book. *yeah* That I hope will be a follow up with the next month.
  2. I am looking for vacation destinations for short trips during the weekend. And got some interesting proposals from friends. Maybe you have some nice ideas too. 
  3. I have great colleagues, I see that again and way better since January.
  4. I have the best supervisors I can imagine currently actually. Since 4 days I fight with my voice, and since yesterday the supervisors accept that I do not answers calls only write emails. But Monday I will do calls again. It should be possible!
  5. Yesterday I signed my contract extension, what means, that I will stay here for another 12 months!

And what are your highlights during the past week?

Lovely weekendsgreetings,

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